by David Berman (OzeDave ) Ozecological Pty Ltd
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• Easier than paper and so much more powerful.
• Essential for officials for efficient recording and lodging results with their administrative organisation.
• Show organisers can quickly distribute draws and results.
• Horse and rider names easily entered as they come or by draw order.
• Import names and create random draw order.
• Timer and scoresheet combined.
• Calculate time allowed and time faults.
• Competitors ranked and displayed on leader board.
• Results immediately shared via email.
• Easily record or receive official results.
• Keep a record of performances of your own or other favourite horses.
• Export horse and rider names to be used by others.
• Table A, C, Grand Prix, Super Two Phase, Top Score and many more.
• For iPad and larger Android Tablets.
• For Laptop or desktop
• Receive time direct from automatic timer
Electronic Scoresheet for Showjumping
Web App JumpScore17
Laptop, desktop, or tablet
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